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A One-Stop-Shop for Quality HR Consultancy and Advisory Services

Around 90’s, when the country was experiencing a surge of entrepreneurial wave, many SMEs commenced their journey owing to technology-driven market. Along with it came the prelude of a range of service sectors including telecom services, financial services, advertising, market research, logistics and much more. The advancement of service industries increased the significance of human resources propelling it for more customer satisfaction in services. With an objective to add value to services along with knowledge sharing and service delivery, Task Initiatives was established by C M Mathew in 1996. Initially set up as a one-stop-shop for HR and marketing services, Task Initiatives commenced its journey by providing consultancy services to the corporate sectors in the areas of recruitment, training, and research, through a single window. Addressing the existing gap within the industry, TASK provides integrated HR solutions to its clientele spanning corporate to SMEs and from professionals to students.

Describing the teething troubles faced by the firm, C M Mathew, Founder, Task Initiatives says, “In the beginning of our expedition, many of the SMEs through that they don’t need expert support and then only later they realized the importance of having an expert consultant by the side. While this was a major challenge, we were always clear about the services that we want to offer. Hence we started with helping the companies to develop HR strategies and talent management plan which helped us to grow. In addition to consultancy services, executive recruitment services, and training services, TASK has evolved as per the economic need of the industry with a plethora of new services in the last 2 decades.

With the proper exposure that we got by dealing with all these new-age industries and companies from different sectors such as Telecom, Financial and Banking, has emerged as a big support for us. With time, we crafted and molded our services as per the distinctive and everchanging requirements of all these industries and materialized ourselves into an integrated HR solution provider.”

Since its establishment over 23 years ago, today TASK has been able to create a brand name because of its distinctive offerings in HR Consulting and Advisory services solely aimed for the SMEs apart from its recruitment vertical. By providing HR interventions such as Consulting and Advisory Services along with Operations and Outsourcing Services to SMEs, Task initiatives assist the companies to achieve inorganic growth and improved professional standards. Apart from it, Task Initiatives also is aiming to cater Employability Enhancement

Services under the banner of ‘Skillsir’. A division of Task Initiatives, ‘Skillsir’ is an e-learning platform that not only aims to coach, train, and prepare the students for the selection process of employment will also benefit the professional to upgrade their career skills.

Started out in Ahmedabad with just two verticals, TASK has managed to transform itself into an assemblage of two companies i.e. Task Initiatives and Task Staffing Solutions along with a combination of four verticals. Task Initiatives offers HR Consulting and Advisory, Training and Skilling Verticals are Task Staffing offers Recruitment vertical consisting of Executive Search, Selection & RPO services. With an objective oriented inclusive culture along with a team based on the expertise of the verticals, Task Initiatives has managed to retain major of clients from corporate, multinationals and SMEs across the industry.

“Addressing the existing gaps within the industry, Task Initiatives provide integrated HR Solutions to its clientele spanning corporate to SMEs and from professionals to students”

Citing his plans for the firm, C M Mathew shares, “We are an integrated HR Solutions provider and our expansion process in itself is a milestone for us. In consultancy, we plan to concentrate on the SMEs of Gujarat along with different parts across the country. We are also working on our skilling vertical for both academia and professionals. There are multiple objectives that we want to achieve and technology alignment is one of them. The skilling vertical is something that I have hopes for. We are also planning to venture into e-learning as well in the coming times.”


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