English Language Lab

Learning Objectives

  • Knowledge of the English language is a glaring need in today’s environment and that is an established fact. Yet many find it extremely difficult and overwhelming to learn it.         
  • Reasons range from lack of time, lack of resources to lack of good course materials and trainers.
  • This module is designed to bridge this gap and not only help you to increase your command over the language but also in turn increase your personal confidence.
  • The need to make small talk and trade opinions without feeling tongue tied is most important while communicating in English. This training module is designed to meet that need.

About The Module

It is an established fact that in today’s environment, it is much-needed to know the English language. Yet it is considered extremely difficult and overwhelming to learn it. It could be due to the lack of time, the lack of resources or even a lack of good module materials and trainers. This module is designed to bridge that gap. It will help you develop a command over the language and in turn increase your confidence. The need to make small talk and trade opinions without feeling tongue tied is most important while communicating in English. This training module is designed to meet that need.

Faculty Expert

Ms. Priyanka Sharma

(Soft Skills Trainer & English Language Specialist)

Priyanka is Certified Soft Skills Trainer by Scottish Qualification Authority and Train the Trainer by ICBI (Accreditation with NABET). She is extremely passionate about training and decided to take it up as a full-time profession after having worked in corporates as a Chartered Accountant professional for more than 8 years

She has had experience in training and has successfully run Language Labs across some of the leading corporates & educational Institutes. She has worked across sectors and has garnered positive reviews & feedbacks from her clients and participants

Her sessions are practical oriented and she believes in using all the 5 senses to learn. Her trainings are custom designed to meet the needs of working professionals and people looking to upskill themselves. Her USP is the learning environment she creates to help her participants connect with her and with each other to derive maximum participation and knowledge sharing

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    Syllabus designed by the best faculty and industry leaders for upskilling

    Total 64 hours module (2 hours per session)

    Beginner Level 1 – 30 hours (15 sessions)

    Intermediate Level 2 – 20 Hours (10 sessions)

    Advanced Level 3 – 14 hours (7 sessions)

    Online and Onsite Modules

    Live and Interactive Modules

    Free knowledge sharing recorded sessions/videos by industry experts on Niche Topics

    Internship and Placement assistance through Task Staffing Solutions Private Limited (One of our Group Company)

    Use cases, capstone projects & real time data for better practical exposure

    Dedicated Relationship Managers (RMs) to assist you in completion of the module

    Weekend sessions, especially for working professionals

    Networking with Like Minded Professionals

    An Initiative from Task Group which has been servicing in the Indian Employment Market for last 24 years

    At the end of Beginner Level 1, Participants shall be able to;
    Identify and apply basic tenses
    Learn about various parts of speech
    Apply grammatical rules in sentence building
    Construct basic sentences & learn to initiate conversation

    At the end of Intermediate Level 2, Participants shall be able to;
    Master tenses and their application in conversations
    Summarize & paraphrase
    Build on their comprehension skills
    Learn some of the most useful phrasal verbs and their application;
    Basic understanding of Conjugations & use of expressions while communicating.

    At the end of Advanced Level 3, Participants shall be able to;
    Build their business vocabulary
    Write short essays/reports
    Practice business correspondence
    Exchange greetings/ pleasantries
    Write effective e-mails & communicate assertively at work

    Anyone who has a basic understanding of the language but lacks the confidence and technicalities to speak and write fluently. Moreover, the module is also designed to improve vocabulary and phrases which are generally used in business and everyday conversations.

    In your consultation we will help you understand your current English language level, what you want to achieve and find which module is best for you.

    Hands on and practical approach to learning the English Language In the most innovative and fun manner possible. The entire session will be facilitated by the trainer. Detailed exercises for each session done shall be provided to you with the answers discussed in the next session. In addition, specific notes shall be provided for certain topics.

    Beginners / Level 1 :

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    INR 3,000* + GST.

    Intermediate / Level 2:

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    To be announced soon

     Program Fee:

    INR 4,000* + GST.

    Advanced / Level 3:

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    Program Schedule:

    To be announced soon

     Program Fee:

    INR 4,000* + GST.

    Please Note: Assessment Test is compulsory for all levels. It would be charged at Rs 100 per person.

    SkillSir offers internally developed training modules

    SkillSir offers programmes partnering with top educational institutes.

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