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Learning Objectives

  • Python for beginners
  • What is machine learning and what are algorithms?
  • Use algorithms using Python
  • How to train models, to avoid over fitting?
  • How to interpret output of different algorithms?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • What is Deep Learning?
  • Tensorflow and keras for Deep Learning
  • Understand what are tensors
  • What is NLP? and different aspects of NLP
  • What is computer vision? And different applications of computer vision ∙ How to know the limitations of the solution proposed?
  • You will be a hands-on data scientist at the end of the Module

About The Module

In this module, you will learn popular machine learning algorithms such as AI, classification, principal component analysis, the concept of errors, parameter regularization, and feature selection.

There is a slew of courses in the market from very long duration to very short duration. We have from our experience distilled the right balance of topics for you. The course touches on the topics which are critical and the backbone of a modern data science practice. We save your time, in terms of going through un necessary details and yet transforming you into a powerful and performing data scientist.

You will learn how to prepare data for machine learning algorithms. The use of real-life cases will make you industry-ready. All the algorithms will be discussed in detail and even multiple algorithms will be discussed when required. For example, in classification, we will discuss decision trees, support vector machines, random forests, Monte Carlo Markov Chain based classifiers.

AI is a part of our daily lives-whether it is our mobile phone based personal advisers such as Cortana and Siri or chatting with a delivery app through a Chatbot. The Indian industry has a huge demand for AI developers and people from all walks of life are interested to join the bandwagon.

In this Module you will learn what is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP). Real use cases would be used for NLP and Deep Learning. Computer vision and related use cases will be discussed

The Module is designed in such a way that irrespective of whether you are a techie or not, you will be able to master the contents and application.

Faculty Expert

Mr. Amit Saraswat

(Ex VP-Big Data Home Credit | Ex-Fidelity)

(Ex-Lending Kart | IIT Roorkee)

Total Experience of more than 23 years across different Industries, NBFCs, Automobiles, Management Education, Pharma, and Financial Services

• BE in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Roorkee, MBA from Manipal University, B.K. School of Management, Ahmedabad MBA (Marketing), pursuing Phd from AHRD, Ahmedabad

• More than 8 years of training experience. Delivered corporate trainings in predictive modelling at Deloitte, WNS, Persistent, HP, Cognizant, UNISYS, E&Y, Metlife, Technosoft. Was a Featured faculty scholar at SAS Global forum 2013

Mr. Anurag Srivastava

Sr. Researcher & Trainer – Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Professional with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning and Computer Vision and Statistical Data Mining

• Proven ability to build up analytic tools that can help the research wing in transmitting market knowledge throughout the design to ensure that the new product is successful

• Data-Science Trainer in Gateway Group, Oracle, Genpact, Vodafone, Dubai RTA, Metlife, Reliance Capital and others

Dr. Sridhar Vaithianathan

Associate Professor & Ex. Area Chairperson Analytics & IT department, Institute of Management Technology (IMT)-Hyderabad

Passionate Academician who drives knowledge outcomes for the past 17.5 years through teaching, research, training & consultancy

Spearheaded & built Analytics curriculum for postgraduate management program by introducing 13 electives in Big-Data & Analytics domain

Fostered Industry-Academia collaboration through practitioner sessions, panel discussions, joint research, consultancy, MDPs, invited talks and knowledge sharing at various industry forums

Has been awarded with Best Professor in Business Analytics and Best Researcher in Business Analytics. Has various journal publications in his name

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