Accelerated Data Science

Learning Objectives

By the end of the program, you would have a clear understanding of how these eight tools will help you gain an edge as effective managers in your workplace and beyond.
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management and Organising
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Efficiency
  • Effective Change Management
  • Knowing Yourself (Domain & Emotion)
  • Strategic Planning and Management (seeing the larger picture)
  • Performance Management
You will have theoretical as well as application knowledge in each of these tools and understand the inter-relations between them, allowing you to apply them not just to advance in your careers but also to have a more meaningful life.

About The Module

For young managers and those aspiring to move into managerial roles, the lack of the right mind set and the right skill set proves to be an impediment to success. Today’s educational system fails to equip youngsters to face the real challenges of the workplace.

The Manager’s Toolbox is designed to bridge this gap by providing eight tools that will mark them apart from the rest. The module will not only train you to apply these tools to achieve success at your workplace, but also to transform your lives for the better.

Faculty Expert

Dr. Rajeev Thomas

M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.

International Trainer, Life Coach and Management Expert

Total Experience of more than 23 years across different Industries, NBFCs, Automobiles, Management Education, Pharma, and Financial Services

• BE in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Roorkee, MBA from Manipal University, B.K. School of Management, Ahmedabad MBA (Marketing), pursuing Phd from AHRD, Ahmedabad

• More than 8 years of training experience. Delivered corporate trainings in predictive modelling at Deloitte, WNS, Persistent, HP, Cognizant, UNISYS, E&Y, Metlife, Technosoft. Was a Featured faculty scholar at SAS Global forum 2013

  • The module Faculty Expert brings to the program not just theoretical background, but over 25 years of insight and experience from the international corporate world through real-life examples and cases that will enable a deeper level of understanding and retention.

Total Duration – 16 hours

  • Online and Onsite Modules
  • Live and Interactive Modules
  • Free knowledge sharing recorded sessions/videos by industry experts on Niche Topics
  • Internship and Placement assistance through Task Staffing Solutions Private Limited (One of our Group Company)
  • Use cases, capstone projects & real time data for better practical exposure
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers (RMs) to assist you in completion of the module
  • Weekend sessions, especially for working professionals
  • Networking with Like Minded Professionals
  • An Initiative from Task Group which has been servicing in the Indian Employment Market for last 24 years

Online modules would include presentation, discussions, cases and homework as applicable.

This program is specifically designed for entry-level managers, junior-level managers and anyone who aspires to move into managerial roles and responsibilities in their workplace. It is also a great program for anyone who wishes to have more control over their lives by adopting the eight tools in The Manager’s Toolbox.

 Program Start Date:
September, 2020

 Program Fee:
₹ 5,000* + GST.

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